Reasons to Consider Composite Slate Shingles for Roof Replacement

Once the roof has seen its better days, it’s time to consider a roof replacement rather than repairs. This is because when the roof is in such a condition, repairs will be an endless cycle. Problems will keep recurring and you will get used to spending more. One good option you have is composite slate shingles otherwise known as faux slate tile. While some are manufactured partially from plastics, others are made from recycled rubber. These particular ones tend to be cheaper than real slate.

Why Synthetic Slate Are a Good Option

As a homeowner, you are probably wondering whether doing a roof replacement with synthetic slate would be an ideal option. Yes it will be for various reasons.

  • It’s Relatively Lightweight

One advantage that synthetic slate roofing has is that it is relatively light in weight. This comes in handy when the house or the structure under the roof cannot hold a heavy one. It would be expensive working on more support for the house to hold a heavy roof. Besides being light-weight, it’s easy to install composite slate shingles on an old one without risking its structural integrity.

  • The Material is Durable

A synthetic slate roof is durable as it is hardly damaged by extreme weather conditions. You will not worry about it crumbling on you. This is because it is engineered in a way that it is fire resistant and generally its impact resistance is highly rated. This makes it a great option especially in areas prone to ice storms, wild fires and hail.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

Synthetic slate roofing is more affordable than a real slate one. In all aspects, you will be saving a lot of money since besides being cost-effective to buy, they are also easy to install putting into consideration they are light-weight which makes manpower cheaper. Basically, you can pay half price for a roof replacement compared to the cost of a slate roof.

  • Its Environmental Friendly

The roofs are made of recycled plastics and rubbers. This is what makes synthetic roofing a good option. This gives a good option to homeowners that are conscious about protecting the environment. Even when it has served its purpose and a new roof replacement needs to be installed, the old materials will be recycled.

  • They are Attractive

With their elegant look and the fact that it’s hard to differentiate them from real slate, this kind of roofing will enhance the curb appeal of your home. They are actually available in different colors that one can choose from depending on their preferences and home theme.

When considering a roof replacement, it’s important to choose a material that protects the environment, its affordable and elegant. Composite slate shingles will give you this and more. Whatever the theme color of your home is, it will be easy to match it with the varieties of color to choose from. You will also complete the roof replacement at half price compared to real slate roofing.